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Originally Posted by Joe©
if you did you could very well kill a human because of your ignorence of the matter.
Not only is that an absurd statement, but we're all a little dumber for having read that.

Originally Posted by Joe©
Unlike your self-evident rights to be able to do whatever you want to without facing any consequences.
Abortion is a consequence, and it has it's own negative consequences.

Originally Posted by Joe©
And that is something no one has power to do.
And yet, here we are.

Originally Posted by Joe©
There is nothing preventing us from taking care of these children if they are born.
The fact that there are already more children in adoption facilities than can be adopted out, in any realistic sense, means that statement is a bunch of bull****.

And that's just adoption facilities in America, I won't even touch on Africa.

Originally Posted by Joe©
I believe that since they contain everything they need to grow into what you call a human
They also have everything needed to grow up into a chimpanzee, but I don't see you fighting to protect our simian brothers.

“This body is not me. I am not caught in this body.
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