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Originally Posted by Insane Sith
At early stages, there's no significant difference between a human fetus and a chimp fetus, it's only upon later developement that they show in real difference.
Good point, cept not. Yes they are both just a cluster of cells at that stage but the chimpanzee has chimp DNA and genes. This is something that makes the fetus human. Yes those cells could grow into anything but only you mess with them. Leave them to grow like normal and hey presto. A Human baby.

Originally Posted by Insane Sith
So we can't take care of the children that are already born, let's give more children crappy lives. Sounds like a brilliant idea.

You know why today's society sucks?

Because it can't contain itself.
Oh god! Please not the "they will have bad lives" arguement again. I could have had a bad life too (not saying mine is great or anything...) but it would have been because of choices I made that would have made me have a bad life. Even people growing up in the poorest ghetto in town can aspire to great things. This is a proven fact, so lets not say that it would be better to kill them then risk them having a bad life. otherwise we would just have to start killing everyone or we might risk them having a bad life.

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