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Originally Posted by TK-8252
By no means did "right to life" imply that you can't end a life in a case where it is justified, just as we do today.
Please explain how its is justified to kill a innocent person.

No, at early stages in developement, there is no significant difference. Humans and chimps share the same exact DNA except for a 2% difference, which doesn't make itself apparent until later stages in developement in the womb. Before that, they're by all means, the same thing.
This is still a flawed argument. We are superior to chimpanzees even if they are very like to us, so you cannot compare the two. Also the only way this argument would hold water is if someone had a chimpanzee baby, proving that there is no difference in-between the species. For all intents and purposes this argument has no bearing because this has never happened, and will never happen in the natural scheme of things.

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