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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Again, as I pointed out earlier, using the "oh there's a right to life in the Constitution" argument shows a clear misunderstanding on that particular phrase from the Constitution. The "life, liberty, and persuit of happiness" was borrowed from John Locke, who had it originally as "life, liberty, and property."
The words: "... liberty, and pursuit of happiness..." implies a certain amount of privacy and freedom of choice to me.
It can be argued that while the word "privacy" never appears in the text, and the concept isn't spelled out in detail, was it something that the founders left out on purpose, or did they feel it was "self evident" in the tone of the text.

This was an age, after all, where the kinds of things we take for granted would be unfathomable to the people that wrote that document.
Isn't it possible that the opposite is true, as well? That they felt the concept of "privacy" didn't need to be spelled out in an age where, for many, it might be a several-hour horse ride to even talk to your nearest neighbor?

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