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Originally Posted by TK-8252
By no means did "right to life" imply that you can't end a life in a case where it is justified
This statement here says so. If I am reading it correct you are saying that if it is justified you can end a life (We have been talking about abortion in this thread so I was guessing that you were refering to abortion) I only asked when is it justified? And if this is not what you mean I would ask you to explain.


Actully your right and I should know this... I guess sometimes it helps if I think before I speak. ty for pointing out this error on my part.

But the fact still stand whether or not I misquoted about the Right to Life.

Though it may have been written with some king chopping off your head in mind it still applies to more than one thing. And is someones privacy more important than another persons life? If I killed someone would it be okay as long as I did it in my own home where no one could see me? And about "let people do whatever they want with their bodies" Do we keep suicidal people under watch? (if we catch them) as SD pointed out, dont we have laws against doing drugs? What about restrictions against harming other people. Here in Austin they have smoking bans. No where is it allowed to drink and drive, or DWI.These are all laws that keep us from harming other people. So why shouldent there be a law against aborting unborn children. The government has been in the job of protecting us from ourselves and each other form years, why should we stop now when so many lives are at stake?

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