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I'm in the exact same place in the Rebel campaign right now.

Originally Posted by Kloppstock
1.I suspect i have been to lacey building defense and other structures?, i have not upgraded all my planets space stations yet, and not even build on all planets(only some)

should i have done that? and should i create a space station on every planet? and should i have barracks and factorys on all planets. to this date i have seen this, like i don't need barracks on all planets cause i can create troops at 1 planet then send the troops to other planets. and built alot of defence and mining facilities on moost planets,should i or should i not use this tactic?
You need a space station orbiting all planets, the highest level you can get for all of them. (1) To defend front-line planets, and (2) to have production facilities on all others, as this makes it fast to generate a fleet; building one ship on each planet is a lot faster than building a queue of them on one. With a high enough level space station (at this point in the game, they're as high as level 4), you don't need other ships in orbit except on the front-lines, and even then it's debatable.

Originally Posted by Kloppstock many ship shall i have in orbit over each planet? i have no idea
Although it's not really necessary to have any ships in orbit beside a high-level space station in order to successfully defend the planet, it's advisable to have at least a couple orbiting your front line planets (i.e., the planets within jump range from planets not held by you).

Example: As I said, I'm in the same place in the rebel campaign as you are. Before I take Kashyyyk, I'm going to take all other available planets (as I always do) in order to maximize my resources and population cap. And I have a nice tech 3-level attack fleet, with about 8-10 Assault Frigates, about a dozen Nebulons, between 15 and 20 Corellian Corvettes, and around 10 Y-Wing squadrons.

Problem: Although I'm being plenty aggressive in my play style (I built up my attack fleet fast, a few ships on each of my planets to create them as fast as possible), right now I'm in a seemingly endless loop of Imperial assaults on Kuat. Maybe they have a grudge that it's the first planet I took from them, and since it means something to them in the campaign. My attack fleet in next door, at Alderaan, and every time I finish a battle to defend Kuat, before I can get my mouse pointer over to drag my fleet from Alderaan to Kuat, I get another "enemy fleet approaching" message and am right back in another space battle. I'll get my fleet over there shortly (at which point they'll probably attack Alderaan instead ), but this has taught me something: I can defend the planet just fine with no fleet at all there, just my level 4 space station. It starts me with its garrison of one Nebulon, two corvettes and some X-Wing and Y-Wing squadrons, and then regenerates them over and over and over. The enemy has a pretty big fleet every time - each battle I'm getting hit with 6-8 Acclamators, 12-16 Broadsides and a few Tartans - but oddly, they're not running up to my space station. The Acclamators sit back and protect the Broadsides while they fire their long range missiles at it. A seemingly decent strategy, but since those inaccurate missiles don't consistently hit my space station, it loses hardly any shield or health. This means it can make new garrison ships at leisure. I win every time by giving it a couple of minutes to generate all its garrison ships, then I mass them all and throw them at the nearest enemy ships, out to the upper left of the map. After 5-10 waves like this, and after some reinforcing by the enemy, I can outlast them and win the battle (after all, they have a finite supply of ships, while mine's infinite). And then I go back to the galactic screen, and then I immediately get another "enemy fleet approaching" warning. All I need is one lucky click, though, and my attack fleet will be at Kuat.

A weird problem, and annoying, but not untenable. Evidence, though, that although with patience you can defend a planet quite well with only a level-4 space station, having a few extra ships stationed there may "convince" the enemy not to attack it so readily.

Originally Posted by Kloppstock
I have followed the misson goal directley and not conquer planets by myself,so Calamari and Kuat i have not conquer yet on mission 5. is it to late? (yes you will read down here why its to late?)
It's not too late, but a good rule of thumb (in my opinion) is to ALWAYS take over all planets available to you before taking the mission planet, for the reason I described before. The earlier in the campaign you attack a planet, the less defended it'll be. At this point, you're probably going to have a good bit of trouble taking Kuat and Mon Cal. But it's still doable.

Originally Posted by Kloppstock
My problem is the dam empire have allready conquer Kashyyyk with a big strikeforce that is impossible to break (7 big stardestoyers and moore). and created a level 3 Spacestation. i have planes of raiding the planet. but the empire is not satisfied with Kashyyyk and send this fleet (7 big stardestoyers and moore) directley after conquering Kashyyyk to my nearest planet. before i have a chance to to anything (i mean 10 sec!)
I feel for you, with my similar problem at Kuat.

By the way, what tech level are you? You should be level 3 by now. If you're still at 2, send C3PO and R2 to the nearest enemy planet to steal all available technology until your tech level goes up. This will open up Assault Frigates and Correlian Gunships to you, and the all-important level-4 space station on planets that can support it (beats level-3 space stations by one Nebulon frigate and one more Corellian Corvette in the garrison).

Originally Posted by Kloppstock
so i dont have time to raid Kashyyyk due to that, and will that matter if i conquer it cause this unstopable empire fleet move from planet to planet and destroy everything i have buildt,

can somebody give me some advice what i should be equiped with to be able to beat (7 big stardestoyers and moore). to me it seem impossible right now. doesnt matter how big fleet defence i have in orbit in thoose planets thei are being crushed.
I find the time is to short between thei conquering my planet..untill you here this anoying voice "enemy fleet approaching" again i have no time to replace the ships i loost i previous space battle
The Empire isn't sending Star Destroyers at you. Not at this point in the campaign. (Although I'm playing on "medium". You might get ISDs on "hard" at this point in the campaign; not sure.) Those are Acclamators, and maybe some Victorys. If you were getting 7+ Star Destroyers over and over, you'd have trouble surviving even at tech level-5.

(1) Make space stations at all your planets, and make the best one's possible at each planet. As I said before, a high-level space station and its garrison can defend itself well in many cases. But on your front line planets, add a few more ships to orbit. I but a couple of frigates (either Assault Frigates or Nebulons) plus a couple of Corellian Corvettes. This bolsters the garrison of a level-3 or -4 space station nicely. On non-front line planets, have no other ships in orbit, but DO have the best space stations for the production facilities.

(2) Steal technologies with your droids every time possible. This'll keep you up with the Empire.

(3) Build units to deal with the specific threats you're facing. Here are my recommendations, based on my own experience. Note that some of these conflict with the counters specified on the "Rebel Tactical Comparison" card that comes with the game. Also note that these recommendations are for tech level-3 units, so one one should be saying "why not use a Mon Cal Cruiser?"

---Tie Fighters and Tie Bombers: Corellian Corvettes make short work of these. I just drive a few into a mass of enemy fighters and bombers, and they clean house. Be careful not to get them too close to enemy capital ships, though, or they'll be destroyed quickly.

---Tartan Cruisers: The Corellian Corvette is also a good match for these, although Nebulon-Bs and Assault Frigate MkIIs are better.

---Broadside Cruisers: You need speed to get all the way across the map quickly, before their missiles can decimate you. I like the pervasive Corellian Corvette for this as well...they can boost engine power to speed out to the Broadsides, and when they arrive they can beat down the Broadsides quite well, especially if you have a few Corellian Corvettes focusing on one Broadside at a time, and then walking across the map to clear them all out. Again, a Nebulon or Assault Frigate would do better armament-wise against any enemy corvette, but speed is essential for dealing with Broadsides since they sit back and fire missiles from so far away, and your bigger ships are just too slow.

---Acclamator and Victory frigates: Use Y-Wings, Nebulon-Bs and Assault Frigate MkIIs. The Nebulon-B isn't an "official" counter for the Acclamator, but I've found that 2-or-more to 1 it works quite well, and 2+ to 1 ratios aren't unusual in a space battle. I usually focus on one ship at a time when micromanaging space battles. I love going around with three or four Corellian Corvettes, for instance, and systematically wiping out a dozen or more Broadsides, one at a time.

Example: A Nebulon-B vs. an Acclamator one-on-one = a dead Nebulon-B. But 4 of them can kill one Acclamator quickly, and live on to take out another, and maybe another. This is how weaker ships can be used to achieve almost 1:1 kill ratios against much more powerful ships. If I lose four Nebulon-Bs, but used them to kill three or four Acclamators, I'll won't feel bad about it at all.

Very Important: Concentration Of Fire. Taking out a couple of big enemy ships and leaving four other healthy ones is better than having six partly-damaged enemy ships. Also, if you can lure them one at a time near your level-4 space station, it'll decimate them with its laser cannons, proton torpedoes and concussion missiles, while your frigates join in with their own.

My favorite Rebel space units for dealing with almost any situation at tech level-3: Corellian Corvettes, Y-Wing bombers, and either Nebulon-B frigates or Assault Frigate MkIIs. The last two I alternate between, depending on my mood. The Assault Frigate is more powerful, but seems more fragile.

I try to stick to three unit types to deal with almost any situation, especially since most situations are unknown until you're in the fray. Same goes for ground assaults, although I'm finding a need to use four unit types quite often: Infantry (for capturing and for enemy infantry suppression), Plex Soldiers (make short work of almost any vehicle, building, and turrets except anti-infantry ones), MPTL artillery (long-range suppression for troops and small vehicles) and T2-B tanks (speed, speed, speed...and great for 1-unit sacrifices to target bombing runs). Anyway, back into space...

And note that Y-Wings are going to be a primary capital ship killer throughout the game for anything frigate-or-larger, along with the Mon Cal cruiser which you'll hopefully have in time to counter battle groups of Imperial Star Destroyers.

Notice that I haven't even mentioned X-Wing fighters. It seems a travesty for me to not love the "hero" ship of the Star Wars movies. Maybe it's my play style, but I find that a Corellian Corvette (which takes 2 population slots) is more than twice as effective as a one-slot X-Wing squadron, just as fast and much more versatile. The corvette cuts through enemy fighters and bombers very quickly, and can also attack other corvettes nicely too (something the X-Wings just aren't effective doing). I'll use the garrisoned X-Wings, of course, but I don't produce any myself and never take any into a battle. The only ones I really anticipate using in this campaign are Red Squadron (to kill the Death Star).

(4) Be aggressive. Don't wait too long to fortify each of your planets. Use the basics I specify above for defending planets, then build an attack fleet as fast as possible by spreading out production across all your planets at once. When you tech-up, you'll be replacing part of your fleet with better ships. Again, do this as fast as possible using all your planets. Once you have even a decent attack fleet, throw it at the enemy.

Rule of thumb for most real-time strategy games: THE BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENSE. The more you sit back and build, the more your enemy is preparing to take it all from you. Build the minimum necessary to keep your planets, always pay attention to where your front line is on the galactic map and move up surplus ships accordingly, build your attack fleet FAST and use it often. An enemy on the defensive isn't going to attack you as aggresively.

Originally Posted by Kloppstock
3.i can't fire the ion cannon in space battle,why? (placed it on the current conflict planet)
I think it fires automatically during a space battle, as often as it can. I haven't use them myself more than once or twice (out of curiosity), though, relying on my space station and its garrison for space defense, and using all my ground slots for production facilities and mining. I don't put much into defense anywhere in the game. An ion cannon on the ground is one less heavy factory in which I can produce MPTL artillery and lay waste to the enemy in land battles, for instance.

I always think offensively, and I often recommend the same to other people.

Originally Posted by Kloppstock
And why can't i retreat from a space battle? it counts down and then gets canceled by its self? even if i dont have hit any other button.
This I don't know. Maybe sometimes the Rebellion can't (or won't) retreat? I've only retreated a couple of times, and both were in the Empire campaign.

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