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Originally Posted by Joeİ
This statement here says so. If I am reading it correct you are saying that if it is justified you can end a life (We have been talking about abortion in this thread so I was guessing that you were refering to abortion) I only asked when is it justified? And if this is not what you mean I would ask you to explain.
Typically I'm not used to thinking for other people who are unable to do so. But I'll make an exception for this case.

It is justified to end lives under certain conditions. These may include the following:

- Someone points a gun at a police officer. It is justified for the cop to kill the person with the gun.

- Someone is convicted of murder and is given the death penalty. It is justified for the person to be killed (although I don't support the death penalty, we have it in America as of now).

- Someone is brain-dead. It is justified to take the brain-dead person off life-support.

- If you consider a fetus to be alive, then abortion is justified under certain circumstances.
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