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Well seeing as a couple misread what I asked

I have tools like "Kotor Tool" when installed and when trying to open some files comes up with errors like:
When installing the tool "Unable to find application path",

When trying to open a couple files with the tool.
"************** Exception Text **************
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file "C:\dialog.tlk".
File name: "C:\dialog.tlk"
at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String str)"

When trying to add items to a save in the KSE.
"Error msg: Not an ARRAY reference at kotor_savegame_editor3.3.3 pl line 934" Thats files straight from zips saying the mod is useable in Kotor2, like: "Bodysuit Bastila" at


I know people that have both installed and do not get these errors...which is most from what I'm seeing.
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