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Vader's choice?

Chancellor Palpatine persuades Anakin to turn to the dark side by telling him stories of great Sith Lords and their power to create life. Because of this, Anakin believes if he can learn the true power of the Sith then he will be able to save Padme. He doesn't really want to turn to the dark side but he feels he has no choice. Before Obi-Wan & Anakin duel on Mustafar Anakin uses the force to lift up Padme and ultimatly kill's off her will to live. After Anakin his burnt by the lava and is transformed to Darth Vader he asks where Padme is. Sidious tells him she died in Anakin's anger. After all of what Palpatine told Anakin and telling him that he can create life is more or less a pawn to bring Anakin over to the dark side. Why, after Anakin is told he killed Padme...why does he stick with Sidious and the dark side after he didn't save Padme? Obviously, Sidious failed in teaching Anakin the ways of creating life. If I were Anakin, I would have slayed the lot of them Sith scum. I just can't see why he chose to stay with the dark side after all of the lies that where told to him by Palpatine. Can somebody help me out? Is it simply the lure of more power?

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