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((BD: Again, never complained and I don't care if Drago is a great military commander, or a drunken barbarian. The Aesir see Drago as little more then a drunk, and that probably will not be changing.))

Asgardried: Cargo Hold

Svafa: They have already attacked us Guy. There only hope is to tell us everything they know right now or they will be killed. I am also very content in allowing K'Warra his choice in how slow and painful their death should be.

*To Jeramine* You have as of now ten seconds to begin to talk. You may begin with who are your masters, why they are attacking us, and what were their plans with the ones they captured.

K'Warra can determine your punishments if we do not believe you are being honest with us.


Heimdall: I see. Svafa is having you concentrate on the marshal aspects of being a swordswoman, which are more important to your survival. However, there is more to being an Aesiran swordsman or woman then just fighting. One must not just know how to use a sword, but when and when talking is better than fighting.

If you still want to be a diplomat don't give up, just because you know how to fight.

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