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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
This is rediculous. Either come up with something real, like statistics, that supports your supposition or be ignored.
YOU are being ridiculous here. Go take a biology class and then return to this debate, so we don't have to spoon-feed you every single scientific argument we bring into play. If you don't want to learn biology, that's fine, but don't pretend that you can just ignore the science because you don't like it. Statistics are not the only form of evidence that exists, and most statistics aren't conclusive anyways because it's so easy to manipulate numbers to "prove" your point.

I also am curious, all you anti-choicers out there, what you think of the global and environmental impacts that would be caused if you succeeded in ending abortion forever. We already reproduce and expand at an unhealthy rate for a species, do you not feel any guilt at the prospect of increasing that rate, and potentially destroying our planet even sooner than we normally would have?

Or is the survival of a single, unaware, unthinking being more important than the survival of our species?

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