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I don't have time to go over all the posts that I've missed in my day of absence, but I can say a few things.
This is horrid. If the woman gets pregnant it is her and her partners fault for not having responsible sex.
That's not true, Joe. There are contraceptives for women as well as men. It's just easier or more convenient for a guy to get a condom than it is for a woman to be fitted for a contraceptive or to get a prescription for birth control. Because of this most people treat it like the guy's fault for 'getting someone pregnant'. It's double sided. Takes two to tango as they say.
The first assumption is that it is possible to point to a stage in foetal development where the foetus suddenly and magically ceases to be a lump of chemicals and becomes a full human. In other words, there is an implicit assumption that there is a point at which contraception goes from completely unproblematic to completely unacceptable.
Personally, I beleive that a fetus is human at the time of conception. Since others were saying that a fetus was not in fact human, I wanted to know when they believed humanity took place. It was a valid question, but I see that there is really no easy answer from your perspective.
In this case, the tradeoff is between the woman's self-evident right to practice her sexuality as she wishes, the woman's equally self-evident right to not be hampered unduely in her life by the exercise of said right, and the legitimate need of society to avoid using resources on caring for an unwanted child on the one hand, and the ethical problems associated with terminating a pregnancy on the other hand.
You know what? If someone is going to live in a way that leaves them at risk of getting pregnant, then they should be prepared for the consequences, ie. a child.
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