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*Sigh* Shadow Templar I hate to tell you but much of what you posted has been covered in this thread already.
I am so sick of going back and forth, edlib put it nicely earlier when he said that no one is going to change someone else's mind here. We are looking at it from two different worlds almost.
In reading your post I saw that some of the stuff you covered was your problem for my perspective. I respect that there are differences cause I dont really care what your view point is anymore than you do mine I get the feeling. I think I have had enough though.
I just felt I needed to post something as to why I was dropping it. Its not cause I think your right though

Good luck to everyone that decides to stay and play.

EDIT. Also its freaking spring break. I wont be around to have such happy wonderful talks with you guys.

Beer! Beer leads to drinking! Drinking leads to hangovers! Hangovers... Lead to suffering!

Yes I sense much Beer in you.

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