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Later Joe. Come back some time to the Senate... we need some more people around here to debate.

Originally Posted by Lady Jedi
You know what? If someone is going to live in a way that leaves them at risk of getting pregnant, then they should be prepared for the consequences, ie. a child.
Again this seems to be another case that people should be punished for having sex. Even if people should be punished, the child shouldn't be punished as well.

Imagine being a child to a single mother who doesn't want you, can't afford you, can't support you, can't raise you, can't love you. Or being bounced in and out of foster homes without any friends or family. Why should you grow up paying for the mistakes your parents made?

I say that the punishment to the parents should be that they have to live with the knowledge for the rest of their lives that they had to resort to aborting the pregnancy.
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