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Originally Posted by Lady Jedi
You know what? If someone is going to live in a way that leaves them at risk of getting pregnant, then they should be prepared for the consequences, ie. a child.
Well said. The easiest, most efficient method of birth control is to keep your pants zipped up. Anything less means taking a risk. Birth control can minimize that risk, but the fact that a pregnancy is 'unplanned' is not an excuse to kill a child. And if someone is going to take the risk, they need to be prepared to deal with the consequences, i.e. give up the next 18 years of their life to raise their child. That should be the sex education curriculum we're teaching in schools.

I have found it mildly amusing (and somewhat disgusting) to read the attempts at writing off a developing human as something that is the rough equivalent of a tumor. From a purely logical perspective, that position doesn't make any sense at all: it's extremely high risk, extremely little reward. If you're right, no big deal - women are just removing an unwanted tumor from their body. If you're wrong, over 47 million murders have taken place.

Hopefully that puts a little perspective on the issue.

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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Imagine being a child to a single mother who doesn't want you, can't afford you, can't support you, can't raise you, can't love you. Or being bounced in and out of foster homes without any friends or family. Why should you grow up paying for the mistakes your parents made?
I've got a question for you: would you rather be raised in a single-parent family in which conditions are less than nominal (or even really, really bad), or be killed before you even had a chance to experience life? I'm not talking the hypothetical 'someone.' I'm talking you. Would you rather have a chance, or die before you were even born?

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