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Originally Posted by rccar328
I've got a question for you: would you rather be raised in a single-parent family in which conditions are less than nominal (or even really, really bad), or be killed before you even had a chance to experience life? I'm not talking the hypothetical 'someone.' I'm talking you. Would you rather have a chance, or die before you were even born?
Death, but that's just me. Though I don't project that onto others and nor does it influence my feelings on the matter. I'm actually rather picky in my support of people getting abortions.

Some people I feel should just be beaten after delivering the child, because quite frankly, some of them are complete and utter ass****s, and even thinking about allowing such filth to raise a child would be a far more heinous crime than killing their unborn child and them. If I had it my way, we wouldn't need abortion, but sadly quite often we do. I do not however support it after 2-3 months, if you can't make up your mind by then, then you can just **** off.

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