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Originally Posted by ViperSkeele
OK, now I'm really confused, if Irridoria is the homeworld of the Zabrak, and Bao-Dur is a Zabrak even though he is called an Iridorian in the game dialog, then what is the Iridorian on Manaan? ...wait....Zabrak.....hmmmm.....Irridorian.....yea h I'm definately confused, wow..... maybe both names are sort of short versions of something like Irridak-Zabridorians, and where is Irridoria anyway? AND FOR GOD'S SAKE HOW MANY R'S are there in IRRRIDORIAN ???
um its really simple Zabraks are like humans and have colonised lots of different planets so instead of calling them Zabrak they are named fro the planet they come from

like how Humans from Naboo are called the Naboo and humans from corellia are called corellians.

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