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No it wanted to look for those files where the file I wished to edit had them when it was created. You do remember these are binary files and not text so they keep a record of things like that. Everything I have is default.


I would like to know why this was moved to "Kotor Tool" forum when all it does is mention one thing in relatence of that as a reference. This thread is in no means directed at, to or about "Kotor Tool". But in the general question of needing both Kotor1 and Kotor2 installed for most mods and tools to function fully and properly. This might sound rash....The mods should read more clearly and thoroughly before arbitrarily and hastily passing judgment. I know mods got a lot of text to shift through, but misreading, misinterrupting, misjudging and plain missing of some of the text can create a bad rep.

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