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Originally Posted by shadowriath
I would like to know why this was moved to "Kotor Tool" forum when all it does is mention one thing in relatence of that as a reference. This thread is in no means directed at, to or about "Kotor Tool".
Holowan Labs isn't about Tools anymore that is what the Tools Forums are about. You posted a thread about an error in tool(s), this does not belong in Holowan Labs, it belongs in either the Tools Forum or the KotOR Tool forum.

Originally Posted by shadowriath
This might sound rash....The mods should read more clearly and thoroughly before arbitrarily and hastily passing judgment. I know mods got a lot of text to shift through, but misreading, misinterrupting, misjudging and plain missing of some of the text can create a bad rep.
Uh ok? Sorry, but I must disagree with this statement.

If you wish to avoid confusing things happening to your threads/posts you will need to start on your end first. In the future, you need to post any questions clearly as you can, and be sure to keep threads to one basic topic, as well as post them in the appropriate areas, to better avoid these types of 'feelings' on your part.

Since you aren't very clear in your post as I don't see a clear question in there, and it is quite off-topic in Holowan Labs, this thread will need to be either here or in the KotOR Tool Forum.

Since you have somewhat clairified your quite confusing post, I will move it to the Tools Forum being it is about more than KT.

Edit: Moved to the T3-M4's Droid Center...

Back on-topic: Darkkender wrote what I would on the errors you are getting...
Originally Posted by Darkkender
The above error is either from a incorrect registry entry within your computer for an install path or from you forcing kotor tools paths to an incorrect location.
That is what the errors you are getting sound like to me as well... perhaps you need to uninstall and re-install TSL.

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