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Originally Posted by TK-8252
One thing that I find is that a lot of the anti-abortion argument is based on emotion such as demonstrated here. A fetus is not a child, but from an emotional point of view, it can be passed off as one by the anti-abortion crowd in order to gain support from those who would react with emotion rather than with a rational mind.

Give me death please.
Whoa, I need to unsubscribe from this thread, my inbox is getting crammed and I can't keep up! Still, very fascinating responses (though a lot of stuff already covered as new people show up and haven't read everything, but as the size increases I can sympathize). One could say that the pro-choice side is based on emotion as well, look at all the arguments in the news from protesters about women's rights being "violated" and arguing about loss of freedom "to control our own bodies" etc, and asking for sympathy for the plight of lonely, scared young unwed mothers who's lives will be "ruined" and even appeals about the destruction of mother earth from overpopulation, the sad lives of kids without dads, etc. And we get also name-calling like this "anti-choice Taliban" (which creates a funny mental picture for me for some reason), "Reich Wing" and other colorful slurs like on the last page or so, heh. So calling people baby-killers and whores is not behavior that's unique to one side of the emotional battle. I find it also ironic that emotional activists on both sides use Nazi imagery in their appeals, trying to portray their opponents as members of Hitler's party. From the logic of each side I suppose it makes sense either in terms of "taking away personal freedoms" (like the Nazis did) and "murdering multitudes of innocents" (like the Nazis did). But as such it reads either as a cheap shot or an attempt to cut off all possible dialouge from that point on by associating your opposite with the "ultimate evil" of popular imagination (the Nazis crimes were real, I mean that they were hardly the worst examples of genocide and oppression in modern times, despite the popular image). In rhetorical circles that's why we have Godwin's Law and prohibitions of "Playing the Hitler card." Anyway...

That's why it's such a hot issue because both sides use emotion to argue their points. I'm all for airing that stuff out, and then trying to get to some kind of logical, rational discussion, which I admit is difficult. As long as we stay at the purely emotional level there's only so far we can really go in a dialouge or debate, otherwise its more potential for shouting matches and many tears. That can be interesting, but emotionally draining.

Of course asking people to "shut off" their emotions is a tall order, and not one that many people can do effectively, so I guess that's just par for the course! Anyway, my break is almost over (back to class on Monday) but I've really enjoyed following along thus far. I might drop by later with some comments if I have the chance.

PS: I'll take life. If that sounds paradoxical because I believe in an afterlife, I think of life as a gift, even if it's imperfect and short.

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