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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
It seems to me that any material that can get itself published in a biology textbook and in several prominent places that isn't wholly accepted by the main scientific community would not last long, as peer review is an extremely important part of any science.
Textbooks are not subject to peer review. Exhibit A: Creationism. Exhibit B: Of Pandas And People.

Shadow Templar I hate to tell you but much of what you posted has been covered in this thread already.
I beg to differ.

Besides, even if you were right, which I'm not prepared to grant, it doesn't seem to have made a noticeable impact...

So I'll reiterate the questions that I have yet to get a coherent answer to:

Do you or do you not concede that the woman has a legitimate right to control her own body?
A yes or no will do.

Do you or do you not concede that conditions can be imagined, where infanticide would be the morally correct thing to do?
A yes or no will do.

Do you or do you not concede that a sperm cell immediately before conception is less 'ethically human' than a zygote immediately after conception, that a zygote immediately after conception is less human than a first-trimester foetus, that a first trimester foetus is less human than a second trimester ditto, etc.?
If no, please specify at which point you consider something to be 'fully human'. Please provide the definition of humanity that you use (and 'conception' won't do. If 'conception' is your sole criterion for humanness, then clones are not human in your eyes).

Do you or do you not concede that whenever two ethical principles conflict, a political decision must be made?
A yes or no will do.

Is it not a reasonable proposition to claim that your opposition to abortion is merely a conclusion in search for an argument, rather than the other way around?
A yes or no will do.

And, lastly: Is it not true that your whole opposition to abortion is based solely on your insane religious fanaticism?
A yes or no will do.

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