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((Oh, I'm faily confident this one will shock someone, if it doesn't shock the Aesir it'll definately give Admiral a bit of a jump. ))

*The Enemy army begin to advance up the pass, 12,000 orcish infantry, man-beasts seven feet tall in chainmail with shields and axes, behind them came 3,000 crossbow armed orks, also armoured. Behind these came two thousand black garbed hell riders with lances. As the enemy aproached the Agamari checked bow strings, eased swords, and lifted shields.

The twelve houseguards in the centre with Drago shifted in their saddles, and strung their recurve bows.*

Drago: *Adressing the troops.* Men! Today the enemy is at our gates, beyond this pass lie our heartlands, beyond this pass lie your women and your children. If we fail today then your sons will die and your wives and daughters will be raped be the monsters you see before you.

Hold the line, for four hours. Spearmen, hold your ground, be our wall. Archers, mark your targets and slay them with the rath of Donar! Horsemen, let your charge be such that the very earth shakes!

Let no man die save on his feet with his weapon in his hand and his wounds in the front and may the great god Tyr send us to the halls of the Holy Dead!

*Drago's speech is greated with a chear, and then the Agamari begin to sing. As the enemy advance continues the singing rises and falls, now a battle song, now the melancholy lay of dead heros.*

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!

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