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Originally Posted by Kurgan
One could say that the pro-choice side is based on emotion as well, look at all the arguments in the news from protesters about women's rights being "violated" and arguing about loss of freedom "to control our own bodies" etc, and asking for sympathy for the plight of lonely, scared young unwed mothers who's lives will be "ruined" and even appeals about the destruction of mother earth from overpopulation, the sad lives of kids without dads, etc.
But these things actually happen. And they are sad. It's easy to say "oh no, abortion is murdering poor little innocent babies!" but that's just emotional rhetoric designed to appeal to those who don't know what really happens. Even if the pro-abortion people appear to be just as emotional, their arguments are not based on false rhetoric like killing babies. The things like a little kid growing up without parents or a single mother's life ruined really happen. Come on, these anti-abortion people are saying that if you approve of abortion, you also must approve of infanticide! That's insane!
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