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The main question I intended to ask and even tried my best to point out clearly..but seemingly everyone wanted to over look >.< Mostly due to seeing one or two words then skipping over the rest the of context and taking the whole post as granted meaning by the one or two words.

Shadowraith, please refrain from trying to argue, I did read your cluttered and messy post, you seriously need to keep your attitude to yourself, and move on to the issues at hand. -RH

The question is this: "Do you need Kotor1 and Kotor2 both installed for most mods and tools to work fully and properly." So the base question was fully and totaly over looked. I'm asking because when I stall tools the bring up errors that they can not find paths for needed files from kotor1. Some mod files have errors when opening in a tool stating they can't find their source files. Get errors when trying to load items into a save about not being a listed array. --I am not missing any files here. The only files I'm missing would be from a kotor1 install which I do not have.--


To clear up the issue with the tool, which KT was not the only tool meantioned..there was also a mod meantioned. The fault is not my end as everything is installed to default...I have forgotten how many times I've reinstalled all the tools and kotor2 in the past two weeks. The fault is when you go to edit files like .uti's. Those files keep track of where the source files were installed when they were created. So if you don't have the source files in the same location they become unable to be opened with say KT, with out coping source files to those locations.

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