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The simple answer to your question is, "No. KotOR Tool should work just fine whether you have only KotOR, only TSL or both installed."

Now for some elaboration. First off, looking back to your first post, something that jumps out and really grabs the attention (regardless of the fact that you're convinced none of us read what you have to say) is this bit here:

Originally Posted by shadowriath
I have tools like "Kotor Tool" when installed and when trying to open some files comes up with errors like:
When installing the tool "Unable to find application path",
That's a pretty clear indication that it's NOT the fault of the mods you're working with. Something is messed up with YOUR installation(s) and/or path info.

Were I you, I'd try to be a little more exact and specific about the error(s) you get when trying to install the tool. Such as just exactly when it happens and any other additional information you can possibly get. Screen captures can be quite helpful at times.

Second, have you tried managing your path information in the tool itself? That is, open up KotOR Tool, then on the menus select File, then Manage Paths. This will bring up a tabbed box in which you can point it to the root folder for either or both of the KotOR games, as well as telling it where your import, save, external image viewer, and model export folders are.

Lastly, try to bear in mind that folks around here are trying to do their best to help you with your issue. They aren't having the problem, so besides being a bit difficult for them to troubleshoot when given rather limited and somewhat odd-sounding information, it also doesn't do anything for them personally. They're trying to help you, so it's a fairly good idea to make an attempt not to become belligerent or hostile with them. It's not like there's a paycheck in it for anyone.


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