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Originally Posted by shadowriath
To clear up the issue with the tool, which KT was not the only tool meantioned..there was also a mod meantioned. The fault is not my end as everything is installed to default...I have forgotten how many times I've reinstalled all the tools and kotor2 in the past two weeks. The fault is when you go to edit files like .uti's. Those files keep track of where the source files were installed when they were created. So if you don't have the source files in the same location they become unable to be opened with say KT, with out coping source files to those locations.
From what I'm reading above this sounds like the exact same question that you now have answered by Redhawke in a different thread. Relating to GFF files of any sort they don't have source files only scripts have source files. That or the 2 file formats that serve different purposes such as "BIF" files which are game resources that we only extract files from and "ERF" files which serve multirole purposes from being data archives for the various texture files to being module information files. If it is either of these last 2 main file types your trying to modify by changing uti files archived within them then your likely to have many more problems.

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