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Allright, time for an update. A couple of things since last time:

* I have put the program (and its source) on the website (
Now, as I said on the website, but I'll repeat it here:
I've never written anything this 'big' that was released to anyone. Of course, I have good hopes that it'll actually work on most computers, but getting Direct3D to work portably can be a nightmare with all those different cards out there. So if for any reason it doesn't work, say so in this thread and please describe the circumstances.

* We all know about the original MegExtractor, but it had a 'WTF' value. I found out what this value means. There is now enough information to write arbitrary files to .MEG files.
Of course, my applications is a read-only app, but with this information, someone can create such a writer.
Again, see the website for information.

Finally, I don't think I'll be having a lot of spare time over the next days, but this program is far from finished. I plan on at least adding a bones overlay, and then getting into animations.
And also, if anyone knows their way around a hex editor, then please, open up some .alo files and figure out what the unknown data is for

Have fun browsing the models!

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