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Niner was ducked among some rocks, scrapping droids using his DC-17's sniper attachment when Kikker got shot. He took one last shot, then stowed his rifle and pulled out his DC-15 pistol and crawled over to Kikker. Droids were pouring into the canyon, and Niner knew he shouldn't, but he had to. He had to help Kikker.

Niner grabbed onto Kikker and dragged him over to the canyon wall. He pulled out his disruptor pistol and fired into the cliff wall. A whole blasted into the wall, and Niner dragged Kikker farther in. He shot another bolt from his disruptor pistol to get a little deeper into the cave. "Form up in here," Niner ordered. "Dac, continue sniper fire. The rest of you set up the E-Web.

At the back of the newly formed cave, Niner turned on his helmet spotlight to get a better look at Kikker. He immediatly took off his arm plate and plunged a needle into a vein. Then he removed Kikker's chest plate and took a look at the forming bruise. "He'll be okay," Niner informed Alpha Squad. "And don't forget to thank the Kaminoans for your upgraded armor." Niner told Kikker. Niner bandaged Kikker up with some bacta. "This wasn't how it was supposed to start," he thought to himself.
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