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((Darnit BD, why did you have to use "ork"? I used the misspelling specifically because I figured eventually someone would introduce the stereotypical 100% evil orcs, and I wanted to keep them separate... ))

Asgardried: Cargo Hold

Jeramine: You think I don't know that you know this already? I have no masters. My sister and I were hired by Syndicate agents. We were to obtain one or more of you for a magic-extraction ritual, so some other idiots could duplicate your quest. Also, some of the Shadows wanted to kill him *pointing at Guy* but that wasn't in my contract.



Marin: Why do you say that? I have no nation, no home anymore. My future, if it goes as planned, will be to erase all this once we get the Time Matrix. If it goes wrong I'll be dead. I could entertain old dreams, but it wouldn't change anything.

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