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((BD: Hate to inform you I tend not to be shocked by text. Now if say you somehow managed to suck me into the computer and land me into PTH, then yes I will be shocked. That aside I doubt it))

Asgardried: Cargo Hold

Svafa: Do you know why the shadows want to kill him and why don't you pretend I don't know anything and tell me everything they told you.


Heimdall: You do have a home Marin, among us and this ship. As far as why I say that, I have lived a very long time and been through a number of prophecies, the end results are not always what you expect them to be. Besides that, we have twenty odd years left to finish the quest. At some point in that time we may very well need to use diplomacy to achieve our objective.

There is another possiblity, what if after we reset everything we retain our memories of what happens. Similar things happened when my father died before.

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