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Han solo

Does anyone else think han solo's emp weapon is over-powered.

I was playing online earlier, i was rebels and my opponent had massed a good sized force of about 8 2-m's 4 at'st's and about 3-4 squads of troopers just to the north of my base.

Most of my force was commited at this time to attacking his base and all i had for the defence of my base was 3 T4-B tanks and han and chewie.

So anyhows his force started to move in and started to commit itself againist my 3 T4-B's when i sprinted han and chewie right into the middle of his force used hans emp which knocked out 90% of his vehicles and chewie bounced into a 2-m.

With these 4 vehicles i was able to destroy about 95% of his army before the emp effect wore off, but the reason i belive han is overpowered is because there was simply nothing my opponent could have done to stop han from running in there.

I felt a bit guilty (just a bit)
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