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Originally Posted by MacLeodCorp
Quick question:
I noticed that the TSL Patcher creates a Changes.ini file, which tells me what I have customly added to the files. Do I add this file into my mod set?
Yes, when you are making your mod to use the patcher you will need to place your mod files in a 'tslpatchdata' subfolder.

When you go to start the process of making your mod use the patcher with ChangeEdit you will need to start a new changes.ini in that tslpatchdata subfolder, I believe ChangeEdit when you start a new changes.ini it has a browser window that you can place/save the new file to, you could save it wherever you want but it helps to save it to your mods tslpatchdata subfolder within your mods working directory.

You will also need a rtf text file (Wordpad) called info.rtf and that is what displays in the patcher window for the end-users to read when installing the mod, this info.rtf goes in your mods tslpatchdata subfolder as well.

So when you package your mod for release, you will need a base directory that contains your readme file and the TSLPatcher.exe (Renamed to whatever you want to call it) with all your mod files plus the changes.ini and info.rtf in a tslpatchdata subfolder in that directory. Any possible script source files you can put in a Source Scripts subdirectory as well.

Like so...

Working Directory (Main Folder)
..........tslpatchdata (Subfolder)
..........Source (Subfolder)
..........TSLPatcher.exe (Renamed if you wish.)

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