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After thinking about it, here is who should return after LS Male Revan and LS Male Exile.

Orignal Party Members from KOTOR and TSL

Carth Onasi - Temporary Party Member to play with at the beginning for a tutorial.

Mission Vao - She could see return to a rebuilt Taris along with her brother.

Zaalbar - Be the new Chieftain of Kashyyyk.

Bastila Shan - As a full Party Member, but not as your Master. You could say she has sort of lost her connection to the Force. And she wants to find Revan.

T3-M4 - You obviously need him to help find Revan and the Exile.

Canderous Ordo/Mandalore - A cameo, but not as a Party Member.

Juhani - To avoid confusion with the Dark Side, you could say she died on Katarr.

HK-47 - Same as T3.

Jolee Bindo - Say he died of old age. But include him in a holocron.

Kreia - She can't return, because she doesn't like the Force.

Atton Rand - Should return to find the Exile. Maybe he could fall in love with Bastila.

Bao-Dur - A cameo, helping the Handmaiden on Telos.

Handmaiden - Should return, but as a cameo with Atris's role. She should tell you when she last saw the Exile.

Visas - She should also be a Jedi Master.

Mira - Should return as a Jedi Master, but not a Party Member.

Hanharr - Mira should spare him on Malachor as it's the Jedi way. He should return to Kashyyyk.

G0-T0 - Can't return because he died along with the Remote on Malachor.

Characters that appeared in KOTOR and TSL

Dustil Onasi - Once finished with Carth, he should replace Carth.

Yuthara Ban - Should return to help you.

Kelborn - I can't remember where I saw a suggestion for Kelborn, but I thought it was a good idea.
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