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@Pottsie - Why didn't you just say "everybody"? Which, I would disagree with; As much as you may want to see every single one of those characters, all doing something, they can't. This is the third and (probably) final game, and I seriously doubt that they can spend several hours of the game somehow fitting in every single party member's continuing story.

Oh yes, and besides my opinion, many can't work or might not. Yuthura Ban n is not necessarily LS, she could be dead, or still DS. And even if she was turned LS, since you can see her on Dantooine, it is likely she was killed. And Dustil can be killed also, as can Mission, Zaalbar, Juhani (and Juhani's death has nothing to do with whether Revan was DS), etc. And with Hanharr, Mira has to kill him, there is no way out of the dialogue. Besides, as for the "Jedi way", she might not be a Jedi, you know.
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