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Originally Posted by Non-false Jedi
Um Mira doesn't have to kill Hanharr.

I didn't kill him the first playthrough.
Perhaps you are right, but I chose almost every dialogue path and it kept bringing me back to killing Hanharr.

Originally Posted by Non-false Jedi
I think Juhani and Jolee should both survive. They are both more important than Dustil and Yuthura.
All four of those characters you mentioned can die, some more than once.

Originally Posted by Non-false Jedi
Also none of the party members you train in Kotor II: TSL are good enough to be Jedi Masters by the time of Kotor III unless its like set 30 years later.
But what really decides the rank of Jedi Master? Do you have any prerequisites for that rank? Or is it just a relative desicion made by other Jedi Masters? Well, if so, there's a problem: there aren't any Jedi Masters left after TSL. The Jedi after TSL were the only Jedi.

Originally Posted by KyleOfHarpenden
well i trained handmainden like mad coz she was the only 1 i had enough influence with but im gonna play kotor2 again and make nar shadar my first so atton can be a jedi hell be better with a saber.who else can be a jedi?
Well, that really doesn't have anything to do with the thread's topic, but along with Handmaiden and Atton, Mira and Bao-Dur can be trained.
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