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LOL, it's funny to us because it's so true huh?

Here's my rant for the day:

Everytime I go there to see what's new it's like: "Here is my new skin. It's Darth [random name here]." And it's always a Jawa painted black or grey (maybe desaturated, or maybe painted solid with MS paint) with a vibrant green or red glowing eyes. Then of course there is also the multitude of reborn models with the intitials of the clans painted on the ass flaps, also done with MS paint, normally in a bright green color or preferably some bright yellow or orange. Lately- and here is one that is really starting to bother me: there have been a lot of Quinlan Vos re-skins! And I'm not talking about re-skins of the Quinlan Character himself. I'm talking about everything from Quinlan in chainmail to Quinlan in clown make up. He's becoming the new reborn. Then, I go to upload my skins or a pack and guess's FULL!!!! Grrrrrr....

Okay, phew...I feel like Peter Griffin doing the "You know what really grinds my gears..." segment. I just needed to vent...

Anyhow, back on topic for me lol

Is it working okay for you? I've only had bugs with the ghost qui-gon on 2 custom maps. (coruscant heights 2.0 and mygeeto- which I think might be due to custom shaders)

Let me know if you guys spot any other bugs- I want it to be PERFECT!

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