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...Shut up and kiss me

The red name of the motel next door blinked, broken for the last two years. I sat again in my office in the downtown district, where all kind of people could be seen. I looked at the door, the word Detective seen to me as a mirror image of what it was seen as outside my old office. The cigarette butt I had just dumped into my ash tray was still red and smoking, but that was nothing new for my taste. A half-empty bottle of whiskey and a glass with nothing but a centimeter of the same stuff on the bottom was set into the reach of my right arm. Another night, the smoke from the sewers climbing up as pillars of smoke with the figure of walking people seen as mere shadows through it. My trusty Colt was in my shoulder holster and the hat of mine was dipped over my eyes.

A knock on the door and the slow open of it. The fist thing I could see was the legs of an ordinary femme fatale. A beautiful thing with soft lips, long legs and soft brown hair. Some of them had big, blue eyes, but I really couldn't care less of these beings. I couldn't hear what she said, I was too busy staring at her body from under my hat, but I took it as some sort of a greeting nonetheless. My hands went into the drawer and picked up my pack of cigarettes and a match. In no time, a cigarette hung on my lips again and the soft smoke of it filled the already smoky air of the office.

"What brings a lady such as yourself in this part of town?" I asked and could remember the first time I felt that fragrance of a luring and dangerous woman in my nose. Legs got herself a seat and looked at me with those dangerously sensual eyes of hers and the slightly open, full lips that were like ready to kiss me if I dared to get any closer

Well, this is my start of a film noir-style of story. Hope you like the start. I'll get some more story into it maybe later today or tomorrow. Criticism is good!

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