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Thanks for the compliment earlier! And in regards to the Team skins: I didn't make them, Zappa did. He worked on them all for me along with the icons in order to help me out and speed things up. I have no problem with you trying to improve on them if you want. I really like the contrast that you added- also did you add a filter to it or just overlay? Either way it turned out pretty good. I like it! Try to post some screens of the model so I can see it.

Ruku had suggested in a post somewhere for the Team skins to be the same pattern as Hapslash's Obi-Wan, which I thought was a pretty good idea as well. Anyhow, as long as Zappa doesn't mind (I don't mind) feel free to modify/create your own textures with the team skins, and I will try to update them as soon as I can.

And Buffy, I will try to fix the Qui-Gon ghost, but it's really hard. It basically only causes problems with custom maps and models. I will try to find a different shader for it. Let me know if you guys find anything.

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