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As memorable as it would be for characters to die, I don't like it. I always want to know that even though there won't be any games after kotor 3 that the characters are still alive; that there still could be a possibility to continue. Having that characters die is the ultimate conclusion and I think it would be a little depressing, if not totally dissapointing. A game where the character dies doesn't make me want to play it anymore after I beat it.

is it so hard to believe that a starwars fan could in the not to far future make a sequel to Kotor 3(if it is made). That starwars could be revived and the saga could continue. To kill the characters would officially mean the end of the Kotor series the way we know it. Revan or the Exile must always be out there,,, alive and ready for a potential continuation. That Revan becomes the most unstoppable immortal threat perhaps or the Exile almost causes the death of the force and is 10x greater than Nihilus. It could be!

Savior, conquerer, Hero, Villian... You are all things Revan, and yet you are nothing. In the end you belong to neither the darkness nor the light. You will forever stand alone.

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