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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
Perhaps you are right, but I chose almost every dialogue path and it kept bringing me back to killing Hanharr.

All four of those characters you mentioned can die, some more than once.

But what really decides the rank of Jedi Master? Do you have any prerequisites for that rank? Or is it just a relative desicion made by other Jedi Masters? Well, if so, there's a problem: there aren't any Jedi Masters left after TSL. The Jedi after TSL were the only Jedi.

Well, that really doesn't have anything to do with the thread's topic, but along with Handmaiden and Atton, Mira and Bao-Dur can be trained.
I know they can all die, but they aren't required to die. But thats besides the oint, all i was saying is that if you had two characters that could die, i thought Jolee and Juhnai were more imoportant than the other two.

Logically a Jedi Master would be a Master of the Jedi arts, just because one can say whatever they want about themselves doesn't mean they are truly worthy of the title "Master". there is more to being a Jedi Master than officially being recognized as that rank. If one youngling survived Order 66, but was the only Jedi left would he have been a "Jedi Master"?

And also, I think there are other Jedi out there hiding. If you ask Kreia about other Jedi across the galaxy she says there might be some. And "for every Jedi and Sith to fall another takes its place".

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