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Originally Posted by jimbo fett 66
No Sith is about self-sacrifice. Revan as Sith would be about gaining power for himself and keeping it.
In KotOR II though, it is pointed out that even when Revan was the Lord of the Sith, s/he knew (or could sense) the threat of the real Sith, and s/he left many Republic economic and military structures in place, s/he was not out for total domination (like Malak) but was seeking a form of balance, to consequently keep the galaxy "safe". If you already haven't - speak to Go-to about this, he will explain the details (and other various hints are littered throughout the game).
Think about it - if you chose that Revan went DS again in the Jedi Civil War (KotOR 1 story) in KotOR II, s/he still leaves Bastila behind, and takes no-one of whom s/he cares about into the Unknown Regions, and goes to fight these real Sith alone (she says as much in the holocron on Korriban). It's basically a suicide mission. IMO I call that a personal sacrifice, because s/he's more concerned with the safety of the galaxy, than his/her own personal safety. OK, maybe it's just cos s/he wants the galaxy to him/herself (and thus does not want to side or share power with the real Sith, or anyone), but still, s/he is willing to put everything other than him/herself as his/her first priority, so could s/he not die in attempting this? S/he may not realise s/he is about to die for it, but s/he could be all brave etc. nonetheless, and do something extremely risky anyway.

Also, it has already been theoretically suggested that Revan "sacrificied" him/herself by becoming the Dark Lord in the first place, as s/he needed to, in order to be able to mentally understand the true Sith - in preparation - and to give him/her the edge s/he needed to ensure that s/he could make the decisions necessary required in war tactics.
S/he also took a greater understanding of the force from this act.

Remember, s/he is a student of Kreia. Another point in KotOR II seems to be that one cannot truly know the force if just felt from (and limited to) one extreme end of the perpsective - many elements need to be explored to truly weild its full power. Atris is a key example of this. She knew not what she was dealing with (was unprepared) when she horded all the sith holocrons, and thus became tempted and subsequently corrupted by them.
Even so, (someone like Kreia will still say that) afterwards - commiting to one extreme (light or dark) is foolish, still.

I mean, Jolee is considered to be a grey Jedi, but he is still more naturally inclined to be a "good" person. Kreia was also grey, but more evilly inclined.
Revan seems to think on a greater, wider plain to that of the large majority of Sith and Jedi - s/he understands that the galaxy needs balance, and s/he will seemingly do whatever it takes to achieve this.

- Anyone else get this impression from the way (specifically DS) Revan was described in KotOR II? I'm beginning to think that if not - then maybe I read too much into it (and added/linked too many things together in my own mind).

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