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Sure. I'll play.

Tall, lanky 12 year old peers up at the camp sign, shielding their eyes from the sun with a well tanned hand.
"Whispering Rock Paychic Summer last!"
Angel picks up the army rucksack beside them and saunters through the gates heading to towards the campers' cabins.

*deep in thought*
"For 4 generations, we have been denied the opportunity to become Psychonauts, to hone our abilities for the good of man and womankind. Now, I shall be the first"

"Mierda...Hace muy calor..." Angel whips of the jacket and ties the concoction of denim, patches and band button and safety pins around their waist. Angel looks up at the boys and girls cabins, hesitantly. Angel turns to face the boys cabins and with a deep inhale, races into the cabin grabs a top bunk, scribles "Angel J." on the clipboard. Angel exhales and flops on the bed. "it's done...I am here...I am really here".

Angel sighs and looks around the empty cabin, evidence of other occupants is present but the owners are nowhere to be found.
Angel leaps out of the bed and lands with a loud thump of thick soled combat boot against wood. "Donde son la otras?" he mumbles and heads out the door towards the main lodge.
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