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Originally Posted by Neon
The jedi knight series are good like they are now. And I think you better play star wars galaxies
Obviously you did not read what i said.
I played Star Wars Galaxies and it sucks, WHY???????????? As i said before!!!!

YOU CANNOT FIGHT YOURSELF, THE GAME FIGHTS FOR YOU. Where is the fun in that and that is where Star Wars Galaxies went wrong. It would have been great if the fighting was like Jedi Knight series. Plus Star Wars Galaxies is a online game, i want it single player like Jedi Knight.

Do you understand now what i mean?

Have you played Elder Scrolls?? If so then you will understand the freedom you had and it is a single player game and not online.

I have a problem with online games because you must pay for the game and also a monthly subscription. WHat a rip off.


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