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Hi Guys,

i know you are pushing to get this thread closed but...

I would also like to see a new JK game and i would like 2 things:
Maybe you guys will agree or fight with me.
1. I really think that if we can have a JK game like Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion or Gothic or etc. this would be great.... now wait before you crap all over me. What i mean is, imagine a Star Wars world as big as Elder Scrolls with a living world and npc that go around their business and you are a Young Jedi in this world, you can shape you own destiny and do just what you want when you want like in elder scrolls IV Oblivion. Imagine traveling to planets and meeting all kinds of nps's good and evil, imagine turning to good or the dark side and fighting for them. There is so much possibilities in this if it is a open ender RPG where you do what you want. LucasArts could maybe even give this to Bethesda to design. But in this whole RPG game the fighting must stay the same where you fight yourself. I choose this. I thing that Star Wars Galaxies and KOTOR and KOTOR II would have had better success if people fought themselve and not just choose the action. It must be like the JK games. This rules. That is what makes the game and that is the fighting by yourself.
2. I do not want this one but i will settle for this point if i cannot get point 1.
The next JK should at least be much longer. JKA was really very short and was not worth the money if you talk about the levels. The fighting is worth it. It could do with a better story like in JK2 Jedi Outcast. And they should keep it basic Jedi versus Sith and not bring out stuff that was not in the Star Wars Sagas or movies. This is afterall that made it great. If they do things like some guys did in there mods then it will fail. Stick to basics. They could also improve the lightsaber moves and battles.

I really think we should start a poll and list these kind of ideas and then give this to LucasArts. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Thanks for listening and thats it.

A man after my own heart. As I have said many times on many forums they need to make a game with a KOTOR stroryline (which is deep) and Jedi Knight action (which is intense). The sad thing is they won't. They are raking in the dough with that disappointing unfinished KOTOR II so there is no need for them to make anything else. They have other money vaccums as well in the form of Battlefront II (which from what i hear is a BIG success) and the soon to be released LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (which if it's as good as the 1st will be a hit). So we just have to mod the current games we have to death.

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