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Coolness... I'm using the 1.2 patch right now, and using the servers online through "Gamespy". Sounds like you can host, then, through your setup??? I'm pretty naive to LANs and I have no clue what an MP is... besides Military Police... and I'm sure you don't have one of them on your LAN at home. Please explain what this means to me-- a guy in East Coast America.

I'm in the proccess of not only trying to find out WHICH of the two primary patches is BETTER to be playing on (1.2 or 1.3), but I'm also looking into Mods, which I'm eager to try out this week sometime. I'll be Emailing you.

In the meantime, any mature gamers who want to fight back-to-back or toe-to-toe with a Republic Jet Trooper can reach me at
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