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Originally Posted by Rick McCallum
Itís going to be all-new characters, maybe a few bounty hunters in there to start the series off.
Fine, as long as they don't make them have nine lives. The first two seasons of the Clone Wars were great, but after reading that Asajj Ventress and Durge somehow survived their deaths (although Asajj's was ambiguous, I'll admit), I'm not so sure introducing new enemies and bounty hunters is a good idea. True, the cartoons didn't have anything to do with this (I think it was comics), but it's still silly. Doesn't anyone stay dead in Star Wars anymore? What's next, they somehow resurrected Jango Fett or Dooku after giving them new heads?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the TV series as well as the new episodes of the Clone Wars. Although they've said the TV series will have all-new characters, it would be awesome to see a cameo from established characters.

Originally Posted by Darth Moeller
I'd rather there be no TV series because I don't want Star Wars turned into Star Trek.
The Star Wars TV series will have a long way to go before it gets Star Trek's TV "legacy" - after all, Star Trek managed to squeeze out 3 series and 17 seasons of good TV before it got crappy. :P

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