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For once, I'd like to be the "mentor" in the Party, so I oped to not choose that one. Instead, I went with these options:

The Witty Rogue - I gotta have some wise-cracking smarta** in the group. Just wouldn't be StarWars without it

The Soldier - Big Guns watching your back? Hell yah'... range is a good thing. I'd choose Candalore over Carth, but that's just me...

The "Good" Droid - has to be T3-M4 or it's going to be "spare parts" for me. T3 was not only a techy and offered hindsight.. but wow, he (it) was a tank when leveled properly

The Former Sith/Dark Jedi - aka the "antagonist"... Having a dark element or rather an oppositional opinion in the group seems ideal to me. If not only for the cander of conversation.. but perhaps also someone who is there trying to 'enlighten' me as to what a different approach to a matter might bring... lot's of role-playing options this could bring to the table rather than have a "broken" Sith (or Jedi) that seems to see it your way all the time... I want someone that outright disagrees with me and isn't afraid to speak up & maybe act on it. Moreso a 'peer' rather than a Party Member

The one thing with the former choice. I think it would be really kewl to have the "Former" be in opposition to the PC's path. So if you were playing darkside.. you somehow acquired a goodie-goodie Jedi party member (without killing him/her.. hehehe). And of course, the opposite for LS PC's.. just get a downright evil NPC (again, without killing him/her.. ). I don't mean to curb the topic, but just explain as to how I view the "Former" slot

EDIT: and yes, I realize there's a "corruptor" slot.. but I'm referring to someone more of a "rolling their eyes at you, your actions and talking smack to ya" kinda way..

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