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Okay, for all those getting .\managers.cpp:81 errors, this is because the Empire at War directory has not been properly specified and it can't find the master index file.

I have updated the program to remedy this problem. It is now more "intelligent" in finding the Empire at War directory so you should have less problems starting it.

Download it here:

Again, let me know when something goes wrong. I really appreciate all the feedback so far.

PS: whiteflash: no, so far there is no other purpose then viewing. Originally I just wanted to crack the .ALO format and made a simple viewer to test my findings. Then people wanted that viewer, so I gave it to them (after making it a bit more user-friendly)
My idea was that someone could use the information I uncovered to create an ALO exporter or importer. But if that someone ends up being me, so be it (which won't be soon, as far as I can tell).
Program runs now! It's a really good program, only to bad of the red shine. But I love to see if you can expand this program!
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