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You enter commands in the chat window because there is no "console" in this game. But before you can "Become the admin" you have to enable the admin thing via the command line OR batch file OR server launcher program OR in-game server launcher.

Basically you choose the option to be the admin, set a password for it (not a "game password"), launch your server, then login as the admin. THEN you enter your commands and you always put in the prefix before each command.

These are not the same as "cheats" we are talking solely about admin commands here, and yes, these are in-game commands.

Download & Read the following files: here...
Also read the sticky thread here.

For the answer to your specific question above, see the downloadable PDF file from SWBF files. It's really great, you need to download it, print it out and it'll answer all your other questions not answered in my text file above.

Good luck!

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