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HAH! No way! Great advice indeed! Funny, though, because I just figured all that out first-hand last night! I had this posted this on the forum already under another title, so I went ahead and tried it after several days of not getting any responses. There were literally 3 servers when I joined-- two of which had no players, and one that had only one player. I noticed nothing new about the game... not really any improvements... I only noticed that the cloud cars on Bespin have a brilliant flickering flash of light from thier engine while flying, whereas that's missing from the 1.2 version (as well as the movies). Lousiest thing about it was that after I deleted ALL of the files, I had to STILL uninstall the entire game and reinstall it.

John Locke-- I, too, find BF1 simpler to play, and have uninstalled BF2 from my computer. If you want to, just for giggles, lemme know what your nick-name is, and when you usually play, so I'll know your "face" in the Battlefront.

Budman Ale-- How you doing? You 1.2 patched? When do you usually play?
Again, I'm on the 1.2 patch using Gamespeak servers, and I play ALOT at late-nite into very pre-dawn morning (U.S. East Coast time).
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